Welcome to solo.ckpool.org!

No frills, no fuss 2% fee anonymous solo bitcoin mining for everyone

No registration required, no payment schemes no pool op wallets

This is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT pool, all care is given but no responsibility is taken in the event of an issue with the pool

Note: This is NOT a pool despite its name, it is a service to allow miners to mine solo as you cannot mine directly to a bitcoin core node

Support thread

Just point your miner to:

Miners that require a high diff, such as mining rentals, there is a special high diff port for them:

Set your username to your btcaddress with any or even no worker extension, and any password.
eg: cgminer -o stratum+tcp://solo.ckpool.org:3333 -u 1PKN98VN2z5gwSGZvGKS2bj8aADZBkyhkZ.0 -p x
If you enter an invalid address you will be rejected

Note that solo.ckpool.org supports both IPV4 and IPV6 transparently.
You may wish to find which is lower latency for you and specify one or the other directly.
IPV4 is solo4.ckpool.org
IPV6 is solo6.ckpool.org

Suitable for:


Simple total pool statistics can be found at pool

Solo.ckpool.org currently only displays minimal per user and worker information.
To access user statistics, enter your BTC address below:

or append your username to: http://solo.ckpool.org/users/

Transaction selection transparency:

Solo.ckpool.org does not filter any transactions and uses default bitcoin core transaction selection.
Live monitoring of the current transactions can be done at any time by examining the following URL:


This can also be used to monitor the likelihood of your personal transactions being mined in the next block at any pool.

As this uses a moderate amount of bandwidth, please minimise your usage of this to avoid me needing to disable this service.

The most commonly asked question is why your mining statistics are not showing up under users.
The reason for this is your mining hashrate is too low to be detected by the pool due to a minimum diff of 10,000 set.
The pool will eventually pick up your shares and slowly adjust to suit your mining hardware.
If you are using client software that supports the client-diff option, you can set this to a lower value, with 1 being the minimum, but it has no influence on your chance of finding a block, as shares are cosmetic for feedback only here.
Hashrates below 1GH are not recommended to mine bitcoin as it is unrealistic they will ever find a block. Feel free to try them as a learning experience or proof of concept, but I highly recommend you don't thrash such devices and waste your time and energy.
CPU, GPU, and FPGA miners are never recommended for mining bitcoin.

Advantages over regular solo mining:
Mining at solo.ckpool.org avoids the overheads of running a full bitcoin node that requires both great storage and bandwidth for optimal performance.
Solo.ckpool.org is extensively connected to high speed low latency bitcoin nodes for rapid block change notification and propagation.
Unlike regular pools, ckpool never mines transaction-free blocks due to its ultra-scalable code which has miners on both new blocks and transactions concurrently.

How it works:
ckpool automatically takes your bitcoin address and gives you a unique stratum connection mining to your own address.
If you find a block, 98% of the block reward + transaction fees get generated directly at your bitcoin address!
There is no need to worry about passwords, logins, withdrawals, authentication or pool wallet hacks.
You remain anonymous apart from your btc address.
You do not need to the following unless you wish to confirm the validity of the pool's behaviour:
All you need to confirm you are mining to your own address is to examine the coinbase and template sent to you over stratum.
Note that if you do not find a block, you get no reward at all with solo mining.
2% goes to bc1q28kkr5hk4gnqe3evma6runjrd2pvqyp8fpwfzu to operate the pool and contribute to further ckpool code maintenance.

Pool code:
The pool code actually run directly on the pool is all available under GPLV3 and can be used for setting up local solo mining.
Local solo mining is not recommended unless you have a high bandwidth low latency connection and optimised bitcoin daemon, however it is highly recommended as a final backup for any miner.
Get it here: solobtc

Mine on, and good luck!
Pool code and pool operated and created by Con Kolivas, creator of cgminer and ckpool.